Precious Little Things


Precious Little Things

The little things in life are precious,
A blessing to the soul,
They bring a lightness to the heart,
That makes us feel whole.

A smile from a stranger passing by,
The whisper of the breeze,
A bird’s sweet song in early morn,
Dancing leaves in the trees.

The scent of rain upon the earth,
A puppy’s wagging tail,
A cup of tea with honey drizzled,
A child’s playful tale.

Precious little things that fill our days,
Their simple presence brings us bliss,
For in their simplicity we find,
A joy that lingers, never to miss.

So let us cherish every moment,
And hold them close and dear,
For in these little things we find,
A life that’s full and clear.

Oudam Em

Lifelong student of life. Passionate about topics related to health and longevity, spirituality, consciousness, and the mind-body connection.