Divinity in a Cup of Coffee


Divinity in a Cup of Coffee

In the morning’s early light,
I make a cup of coffee just right,
And as I take that first sweet sip,
I feel divinity on my lip.

For in that rich, creamy blend,
I find a spiritual friend,
A holy essence in each drop,
A blessing that just won’t stop.

The aroma wafts so heavenly,
It lifts my soul up instantly,
And as I sip, I’m in pure bliss,
Oh, this cup of coffee, how divine it is!

With every sip, my spirit soars,
My being lifted, heart restored,
In this cup, I’ve found a path,
A heavenly brew beyond all worldly wrath.

So let the angels sing their praise,
For this divine and holy craze,
For in this humble cup of Joe,
I’m one with God, don’t you know?

Oudam Em

Lifelong student of life. Passionate about topics related to health and longevity, spirituality, consciousness, and the mind-body connection.