The Kitchen Is my Temple

All moments in life– regardless of whether one is doing important work or just washing dishes– are of equal importance. Every moment is immensely sacred in its own right. Personally, I find simple and repetitive everyday tasks like washing dishes very enjoyable and conducive to the mindful state.

When the task is simple and repetitive, your mind does not need to constantly wander from one thought to another, as there are not many complicated steps that require a lot of planning and problem solving. In this way washing dishes is sort of like sitting in one place simply focusing on your breathing. Except you actually get something done!

Further, the touch, feel and sound of water lend to an especially soothing experience. This is because water is secondary only to air as a life-sustaining substance. In fact, water makes up  60% of the human body.

If you find everyday tasks like washing dish somehow menial, unimportant, or a form of drudgery, then you’re not living in the present. You’re clinging to a thought– an idea– that is neither particularly healthy nor correct.

Traditionally, domestic tasks like cooking, cleaning and child rearing are assigned to the women of the family. As most societies are male-dominated, domestic chores are considered not as important as those performed outside the home. Yet, all are equally important to sustain life. In fact, activities like washing dishes are more fundamental to the process of living than, for example, analyzing sales data at the office and as such offer a more intimate opportunity to become engaged in the present moment.