Every Moment is a New Fork in the Road

We exercise free will only in the present moment.

Life is a constant stream of choices. The present moment is interconnected with and interdependent on all other moments in both the past and future.

Our present circumstances are shaped by countless past actions and experiences, and our current mental and physical preoccupations, in turn, dictate our future circumstances. 

Each new moment, no matter how trivial it may seem,  is a new fork in the road in our lives.  Every moment– that includes now– is a moment to make a choice.

What are you doing right now? Is it contributing positively or negative to your well being and those around you? Are you helping or harming yourself?

When you are present and actively engage every new moment that unfolds in your life, you are exercising your free will and creating your own reality. You are charting your own course and are truly in charge of your own destiny.

We exercise free will only in the present moment.

Freedom comes from seeing things as they are and acting in a way that is compatible with both our present circumstances and our true nature.

If we do not mindfully participate in the creation of our own reality, our entire lives will have been spent on autopilot, habitually replaying the same thought patterns over and over again like a broken record. 

We merge with the present moment to gain clear comprehension of our present needs, impulses, and conditions so that we may respond effectively to them. 

If, on the other hand, we simply react through mere force of habit, our actions may not accord with the present circumstances, and we may not act in a manner that is most beneficial to our well being.

Seeing things as they are, as opposed to seeing them as they may be, will be, should have been, and could have been, means perceiving reality as it is unfolding, moment by moment.  

In every moment we have the choice to be happy or sad, calm or frustrated, content or desirous, and so on.  At any given moment, there are a number of mental events occurring inside of us that determine our emotional state. 

If we do not attend to the thoughts, memories, and emotional impulses that constantly arise within us, they will eventually surface in the form of stress, anger and frustration. 

Having gained clear comprehension of every passing moment, we realize that every moment is immensely sacred in its own right.  We leave nothing to chance or habit. 

The immense power of free will lies only in the present moment, and now is the time to actively participate in the unfolding of you own reality, moment by moment, and to chart your own destiny.