In Stillness


In Stillness

In stillness, the truth emerges
A moment, eternal and pure
Silent breeze, rustling leaves
Existence, complete and secure.

The sound of the stream,
Gentle whispers from the heart
Nature’s harmony, serene
Eternal oneness of which we are a part

Breathing in, breathing out,
Letting go of all thoughts, fears and spite
Embracing the present moment
Reveals the truth hidden in plain sight.

In the vastness of the universe,
A tiny grain of sand
Yet in this very moment,
All is in our hand.

A single step on an endless journey,
The path we must tread
With each passing moment,
A new beginning lies ahead.

Oudam Em

Lifelong student of life. Passionate about topics related to health and longevity, spirituality, consciousness, and the mind-body connection.