Study: Mindfulness Can Change Time Perception

A recent study asked people to estimate short and long intervals of time after undergoing a mindfulness meditation exercise.

Researchers found that meditators were more likely to underestimate the short durations and overestimate the long ones. They wrote,

“This reversal in the direction of the time judgment for the different temporal scales suggests that different processes might underlie the judgment of short and long durations in the same meditation condition,” they wrote.

Compared to the control group, mediators reported that time seemed to pass more quickly than reality regardless of the direction of distortion in time judgment.

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Mindfulness meditation, time judgment and time experience: Importance of the time scale considered (seconds or minutes)

This manuscript presents two studies on the effect of mindfulness meditation on duration judgment and its relationship to the subjective experience of time when the interval durations are on the second or the minute time scale.